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Listing With A Local Agent vs. Selling To Jamel Buys Houses

It makes perfect sense to look at your options whether it be to sell to us or list with a realtor. When comparing your options you will see that working with an agent doesn’t always mean more money or less headache.

Listing with a RealtorSold to Jamel Buys Houses
Most home buyers that want to buy your house won’t qualify for bank loans.. Banks nowadays have made it more difficult to get a home loan approved.

We do not need to finance so we will not tie up your property with an unqualified home buyer that has a little chance of getting a loan to close on the property.

Real Estate Agents most times over inflate home values for higher commission. Selling the house at a price that's inflated will hurt your listing..We will buy the property in 'AS-IS' Condition so we will never ask you to clean up, make repairs before you even sell even if it's full of items you don't want.

You don’t have to clean up or take any unwanted items with you. All items and possessions left behind will be donated.

You have to give $6K plus to an agent, after waiting over 3-5 months or even longer to find a home buyer who can actually qualify for a bank loan.

No complicated paperwork, open houses and shattered commitments. No Agent fees means more cash for you.

Agent under deliver and over promise. What they expect the property to sell for vs. what it 'actually' sells for is a very wide margin.

With fast closeyou and your family can move on without the stress over your head.
Selling through an agentcan often take a long time. List your house and wait 90+ days to close...

That’s a long time to wait for a home buyer to qualify for a bank loan while you make utility, tax, insurance, and mortgage payments.

Many listings expire a couple times before they are able to sell. Don't be in this group. We will buy it as-is ASAP.

What will it cost you to rehab and sell your $180,000 house...

ExpenseEstimated CostTotal Cost
Taxes per Month$100$600
Utilities per Month$300$1,800
Loan Payments per Month$1,000$6,000
Rehab Costs (Average)$40,000$40,000
Realtor Commissions6%$10,800
Closing Costs3%$5,400
Total Expenses$59,200
Sale Price$180,000
Total Cash After Expenses$120,800

If you were to sell your home to me for $120,800 you would walk away with the same amount of money but without all the risks, time, and money spent fixing and selling it yourself. Just think if you had to lower the price during negotiations with the buyer. It would be even less money. For example, I've seen listings where the sale price was listed for $180,000, but after 6 months the seller agreed to sell for $170,000!

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